Principles of Confidentiality
Privacy Policy with below written current rules was adopted on confidentiality, protection of information given our site blossominvitation.com (“our site”) by our members, customers and other related subjects.

Required measures for safety of information and transactions entered our site were taken with system and internet infrastructure in accordance with nature of information and transaction by BBS Stand Reklamcılık San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. or related Card Institutions. All credit card transactions and approvals are made between you and related bank and similar Card Institutions online and independently (Information such as credit card password is not seen and saved by Blossom Invitation.)

Information our customer entered on our site for membership, product/service, purchasing and updating purposes, especially confidential information belonging to credit cards and bank cards can’t be monitored by other internet users. Information belonging to our members-customers can be told to other institutions in accordance with our responsibilities legal arrangements provided. Furthermore, contact information and other information they gave during their membership or/and shopping may be registered indefinitely for making membership transactions for our site, updating, giving/selling various product/services by Blossom Invitation and partners and suppliers, product/service price-expense collections and various, advertisement, promotion, communication, sales and card giving applications and also may be shared and used when required, kept, processed at Blossom Invitation and stated institutions.

When our site has connection with other internet-web sites; privacy-security policy and conditions of use belonging to those sites are effective for all use and transactions; Blossom Invitation is not responsible for information use from other web sites reached for seeing, advertisement, banner, content or any other purpose and also dispute, material and moral damages and losses arising from moral principles, confidentiality-security principles, service quality and other application of sites.

You can consult Blossom Invitation via communication channels stated at out site on topics you required additional information.

Our customers-members can deliver their requests and complaints to our company by below written communication channels.

Address: Bahcesehir 1. Kısım Mah. Badem 08 Villa 02 Basaksehir Istanbul-Turkey,
Tel.: +90 212 669 0630, Faks: +90 212 876 4462,
E-mail: support@blossominvitation.com
Web site: www.blossominvitation.com

Bahçeşehir 1. Kısım Mh. Bülbül Sk. Badem 08 Villa 02 Bahçeşehir / İstanbul, Turkey
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