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Please contact with Customer Relations in order to get further information about order status, delivery and return of products purchased from blossominvitation.com web site. Customer Relation contact information: +90 212 669 0630 support@blossominvitation.com

Check Conditions of Return and Privacy Policy sections for other legal information. Blossom can change or update these Conditions of Use completely or partially. Any update or change of Conditions of Use does not make these changes or updates doable they are published at blossominvitation.com home page and it shall be binding when this document is published at this website instantly. Therefore, you have to access this section in web site regularly in order to publish the latest and updated Conditions of Use. If you don’t accept Blossominvitation.com conditions of use partly or completely, please don’t use our website.

All members and visitors (“User”) who visit, sign in or use Blossominvitation.com in any other ways and/or access and/or connect in any other ways declare, accept and commit in advance that they will observe Blossom Invitation Web Site Conditions of Use regulated in this page. This above mentioned “User” word expresses any person who signs in Blossominvitation.com anyhow or on condition of membership login, uses, observe or who connected to site by any communication device (computer, mobile phone etc.) or who made/makes electronic data exchange.

1. Content of Service

After paying cost of products put on the market on Blossominvitation.com internet site, delivery of goods to customer without deficiency and damage in committed period by cargo company if Blossom Invitation's stock’s state is applicable.

2. General Terms and Conditions

Blossom Invitation checks currency and rightness of available information continuously. However it should be considered by members and users that this information might not always be updated.

Blossom Invitation has right to cancel membership without showing any reason.

Any intellectual property right belonging to site (information, text, images, brands, motto and other signs, page layout etc. on site) is property of Blossom Invitation exclusively. Copying, changing, publishing and sending, distributing, selling by using online or other media intellectual property offered on site shall be against the law clearly and shall be exposed to penal sanction.

Member is obliged to use credit card securely. Blossom Invitation is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage arising from breach of agreement, unfair action or any other reasons.

Blossom Invitation may terminate this agreement without notification whenever it wants and may transfer it partly or completely. Agreement transfer by user or member is void.

Blossom Invitation has right to change content of site or discontinue broadcasting site depending on force majeure or at its own discretion and evaluation.

Members and users are obliged to act in accordance with all current national and international laws and regulations, communication and internet safety and public moral as they use site. Any expression, comment, text, image, picture and all other information and document added to site by user should be in accordance with all current national and international laws and regulations and public moral.

Any action and transaction which may cause damaging hardware and software systems of site, effect system operation negatively or cause to slow is forbidden. Making more than one query or opening membership registration or sending many request or information to site by automatic methods are involved in said prohibition scope.

Members accept, declare and commit that passwords given them are given them exclusively, that they will not share these passwords with anybody else under any circumstances and that otherwise they responsible for any kind of damage and cost to arise. As membership application is made, determination of trueness and intactness of information given by member is not responsibility of Blossom Invitation. Blossom Invitation has no legal obligation due to damages arise from giving wrong membership information.

Social, commercial and other electronic communications with our members can be executed via SMS, push notification, automatic call, computer, phone, e-mail, fax(if open on your device) Bluetooth-other wireless networks, social media, online communication networks and other electronic communication tools by Blossom Invitation for membership informing, operation applications in order to make sales, marketing, promotion, communication, advertisement concerning any kinds of products and services in accordance with laws, commercial electronic messages can be sent to our members.

Our members can stop electronic communications to their party by making rejections stated in our messages or by reaching Blossom Invitation on stated communication channels without any reason and whenever they want. Communication to member for channels stated by member according to its explicit declaration on this point is stopped in the maximum period ( transactions requiring possibility and communication continues under laws).

Blossom Invitation reserves right to take any kind of safety precautions involving blocking access of users who act against Site Conditions of Use and above written rules to site, cancelling their memberships and to begin a legal process against violating parties if required.

Blossom Invitation has no legal or criminal responsibility concerning any types of and all direct or indirect damages and/or losses users, members or other third persons may be exposed to for any reason including but not limited to use of site, use of data and information provided and presented on site, behaviors shown during these fata and information or all types of computer viruses, trojan and similar malwares to be exposed due to site access. Users accept, declare and commit not to make any request or claim to Blossom Invitation under any title in advance.

Disputes arising from this “WEB SITE CONDITIONS OF USE AND MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT” are subjected to Turkish Law and Istanbul Central Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized.

Member who entered required information in membership information and accepted this agreement declares and accepts that he/she read and understood all above written information, will carry out all its obligations timely and completely, to have related rights and responsibilities, that he/she gave permission(approval) to send any kinds of commercial electronic messages via computer, telephone, fax, automatic call machines and other proper devices-channels on the internet and communication networks(including social media and other communication networks) and to send commercial-noncommercial electronic messages concerning product-service and opportunities to his/her party in accordance with related laws in terms of Commercial Electronic Messages, that he/she knows his/her contact information was received for this purpose, that he/she learnt that he/she can stop “commercial electronic communication” by applying other stated methods and using right to disclaim by methods stated in sms/mail received by him/her without submitting any reason and any time(if available)(to continue commercial communications and social aimed communications obligated and/or required, possible under laws) and that he/she can take advantage of all qualifications-services, product-service-opportunities under said conditions in general.

If a product/service purchase occurs as a result of informing members with stated conditions and/or informing, advertisement and promotions to parties, said transaction subjects to consumer agreement which is separate and shall be made under laws. Consumer agreement is executed between parties and with its own conditions. Order informing form-distance sales agreement conditions which you can see in any transactions during shopping at out site shall be valid (as well).

Our customers, members may notify their complaints and requests by below communication channels.

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