1. Subject of the Agreements

Subject of this agreement is to determine rights and obligations of parties concerning sales and delivery of the product (“Product/Products”) of which qualities and sales prices stated in this agreement and which was ordered by PURCHASER on electronic media from www.blossominvitation.com named web site belonging to SELLER under provisions of Regulation concerning 4077 numbered Distant Agreements and Law concerning Consumer Protection. After Purchaser approve this agreement on web site, cost and expenses of ordered product(s) is collected by chosen payment method.

2. Condition of Authorization- Execution Period for Order

Order which is subject of this agreement is placed in 30(thirty) days as of delivering to seller and it reserves right to extend for 15 (fifteen) days additional to written notification in this period. If cargo company to make delivery has no branch where Purchaser exist, Purchaser has to receive from another close branch to be notified by Seller(Required information shall be given to Purchaser via e-mail, SMS or telephone). If product price is not paid for any reason or is cancelled in bank records, then Seller is assumed to be free from obligation to deliver product(s).

3. Declaration and Commitments of Purchaser

Purchaser declares that contract products on web site are produced upon its request, it can’t return due to being unpleased of product except deficiencies/faults based on manufacturing of products, it read main features of product to be bought, preliminary information loaded by Seller concerning sales price and payment method and delivery and gave required approval on electronic media. Purchaser admits that it obtained address, main features of ordered product, product price including taxes, payment and delivery and delivery price information required to be given to Purchaser by Seller before covenant of distant agreements indirectly, completely and correctly by means of admitting Preliminary Information Form and this agreement on electronic media. If Purchaser delivers stricken, broken product with teared package etc., damaged product from cargo company without inspection before receiving contract product, it is completely Purchaser’s responsibility. Purchaser shall accept that product received from cargo company attendant has no damage. Product responsibility and damages belong to Purchaser after delivery.

4.Declarations and Commitments of Seller

Seller is responsible for delivery of contract products with no deficiency and fault and in a way in accordance with qualifications stated in order. If contract product shall be delivered to any person/institution except Purchaser, Seller can’t be hold responsible for delivery person/institution not to accept delivery. Seller returns product price and valuable document if available in 14(fourteen) days after receiving retract declaration. Seller can supply products with equal quality and price to Purchaser before the end of execution period in agreement with reasonable grounds. If Seller thinks that execution of product is impossible, Seller notifies Purchaser before the end of execution period. Paid price and documents (if available) is returned in 14(fourteen) days. Faulty or broken products can be sent to Seller to make required repair, delivery expenses are paid by Seller in that case.

5. Qualifications of Contract Product or Service

Product type and class, brand/model, color and sales price including all taxes are same as stated in above written article 2 and invoice assumed as an integral part of this agreement. Invoice is effective in case of dispute.

6. Payment Plan

If Purchaser does shopping by credit card and installment, then installment plan chosen on site is effective. Related provisions of agreement signed between Purchaser and card owner are effective. Credit Card Payment Date is determined by provisions of agreement between Bank and Purchaser. Purchaser can follow number of installments and payments from bank statement sent by bank. Payment receiver is responsible for Bank exclusively.

7. Right of Withdrawal

Products produced by order and special request or customized by modification or making additions can’t be returned and changed and PURCHASER can’t exercise right of withdrawal on these products.

8. Situations for Which Right to Withdrawal Can’t Be Exercised

Right to Withdrawal can’t be exercised in following situations:

a) On agreements which are on goods and services(product/products) not under the control of Seller and with price changing depend on fluctuations on financial markets,

b) On agreements concerning delivery of goods which are prepared according to consumers’ requests or its personal needs clearly, not applicable to return and having danger to be broken or having possibility to exceed expiry date,

c) On agreements concerning delivery of goods of which protective factors such as package, bandage, seal, pack were opened after delivery, of which return is not suitable in terms of hygiene and health,

d) On agreement concerning goods which mixed with other products after delivery and which is not possible to separate due to its nature,

e) On agreements book, voice or video records, software programs and computer consumables presented on material media on condition of opening protective factors such as package, band, seal, pack by consumer,

f) On agreement concerning services of which execution started by consumer’s approval before the end of period of right to withdrawal,

g) On agreements concerning incorporeal property delivered to consumer instantly by services executed in electronic media instantly and if contract product is composed of product types out of execution area of Distant Agreement Regulations; right to withdrawal can’t be exercised as Distant Agreement Regulations can’t be applied for legal relation between Purchaser and Seller.

9. Situation of Default and Legal Consequences

Purchaser shall pay interest in accordance with credit card agreement which bank made with card owner if purchaser fails to meet financial obligations on transactions it made by credit card and shall be responsible for bank. In that case; bank may take legal actions; it may request expenses to be incurred and power of attorney cost from Purchaser and if Purchaser lapses into default due to its debt in any condition, Purchaser accepts to pay Seller’s incurred damage and cost due to delayed execution of debt.

10. Dispute Resolution

Consumer Arbitration Boards Consumer Courts where Purchaser bought Products and resides are authorized up to the value announced by Ministry of Industry and Commerce to exercise this Distant Sales Agreement. Province/District Consumer Arbitration Boards are authorized concerning consumer requests in the direction of upper and lower limits stated in 1st subsection of 68th article in 6502 numbered Law concerning Consumer Security.

11.Notifications and Evidential Contract

Any correspondences to be made between parties under this agreement shall be executed via e-mail except obligatory cases stated in regulations. Purchaser accepts, declares and commits that electronic information and computer records Seller kept in its own database and servers by books and commercial registers constitute binding, absolute and exclusive evidence in any dispute arising from this agreement and this article has quality of evidential contract under 193rd article of Code of Civil Procedure.

12. Invoice Made Out for Dealer and Current Account Transfer Approval

In case Purchaser who placed the order in this agreement wants to make out invoice for a third company and/or legal entity(Including real person dealer with this clause) instead of its own behalf; Purchaser declares correctness of invoice information it gave, debt amounts and invoice amounts to be issued on behalf of Purchaser in current account, that it granted approval to transfer to company and/or legal entity current account declared by Purchaser and to approve arranging debt on behalf of company/legal entity with title and tax number as Purchaser declared according to receivable disposition. Purchaser accepts, irrevocably declares and commits responsibility to arise in case title, tax office and number, address information of company and/or legal entity of whom invoice information is declared are faulty and related company do not accept the debt and to compensate all material and moral loss of Seller arising from this transaction. So, provision of commercial code and code of obligations shall be applied as Purchaser is not a consumer in that case.


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